Sunday, August 29

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Fall Leaves

This Set is NOW SOLD
Confetti Dots Series #1

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses

Effetre & CiM glasses were used to create this 18 Confetti Dots bead set.

Within this set, a mix of dotted beads in shades of Effetre cocoa, orange,
butter yellow, Ivory and CiM Phoenix.

Perfect for autumn jewelry!

This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses

This set of 11 beads uses a variety of bases including Effetre Coral,
Black and Light Ivory on which Purple Lily's Molten shards
were placed gently to create the textured surface.

Each shard was carefully added by hand
and gently melted into the surface of each round bead.

Ten coordinating spacer beads (6 Coral & 4 Light Ivory) are also included in this set.

Cocoa Raku
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glass & Raku Shards

With autumn around the corner, this is a great set to begin on your autumn jewelry collection!

On a base of Effetre Dark Chocolate, handmade Pendragonfyre Raku shards were
carefully placed and gently reduced to bring out the shades of browns, purples,
creams & light metallic sheens to contrast with the autumn hues of the base glass.


This set is NOW SOLD
Opposites Attract Series #24

Materials: CiM & Effetre Glasses

Another study of opposites attract in this set of 16 simple dotted beads.

Eight beads in CiM's Olive opaque with Effetre Dark Chocolate dots and the
other eight with the opposing combination.

They are a great colour combination for Fall and actually accentuate the hues
of olive green against the dark chocolate glass.

This set has been etched to bring out the organic nature of this color combination

BONUS: 4 Olive and 2 Chocolate spacers are included in this set.

Autumn Requiem
This set is NOW SOLD
Silver Trails Series #24

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This bountiful set of 21 Silvertrail beads combine the colours of
Autumn wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.

Hues include Effetre Light Chestnut, Chrome Yellow, Medium Amber, Dark Red, Orange,
CiM Mink, Pumpkin and Pumpkin Unique (Burnt Sienna).
Goddess Bead Orphans
This set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre, CiM, Double Helix, TAG & Precision Glasses

This 22 bead set is an eclectic assortment of various Goddess Beads beads.

The uniqueness of each goddess bead allows the designer to
create a truly one of a kind piece of precious glass jewelry.

Each bead uses an base of Effetre or CiM glass with portals of silver
infused glass encased in clear to capture the richness of each silver droplet.

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