Saturday, May 15

May 15th Bead Sets

At the Midnight Hour
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of beads was created with a base of Effetre steel grey
transparent glass.
This background creates a neutral canvas for
the Double Helix Psyche Shards
that have been carefully placed on each bead to create a mystical look.

Each Psyche shard was gently reduced in the flame to bring out a
metallic hues of blues & greens of the Psyche silver glass!

Pale Pale Heart

This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of shard and dot beads set on a base of
Palest Aquamarine perfectly compliment each other
and the one of a kind focal hand-formed heart bead.

All Pendragonfyre beads are formed in the flame by hand,
no presses are ever used.

Each dot and shard of Double Helix Aurae gently fume a golden
hue to the beads, bringing the glitter goodness to the surface!

Magic Carpet
Opposites Attract - Series #14
This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: Bullseye Glasses

Another study of opposites attract in this set of 16 simple dotted beads.
Eight beads in Bullseye's Gold Purple with Bullseye Butterscotch
dots and the other eight with the opposing combination.

BONUS: 4 Gold Purple and 2 Butterscotch spacers are included in this set.

4th of July
This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

On a base of Effetre Red, Double Helix silver infused glass,
, were sprinkled, reduced and encased to create these
unique beads. The reaction of a red base glass sprinkled with a
pink silver glass creates the unique hues of blues.

Perfect for those getting ready for July 4th holidays!

Sunset Canyon
This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: Effetre and Glass Diversions Glasses

This set of Effetre Opal Yellow based frit beads captures
the rich hues of a sunset sky across an Arizona desert canyon.

Violet Sunrise
This Set is NOW SOLD

Materials: ASK 104, CiM and Glass Diversions Glasses

This set uses the same glass frit as the set above, but the base
colors are CiM's Poi and ASK 104's Lilac Ice.

These purple bases create a feminine look as the each bit of
frit creates striated colour patterns using the amber and
oranges as a perfect contrast in the color wheel.

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