Monday, November 30

Can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st!

How the year has gone by and an amazing one it has been!
Here are a few bead sets that were posted on E-Bay last night.

Ekho Spheres
Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW Sold

Double Helix's Ekho was gently wrapped, reduced and encased in clear to
capture the mother of pearl hues of blue, purple and amber.
Just one silver glass with so much variety of colour in each bead.

These are simply, elegant and absolutely perfect for holiday jewelry pieces!

Gingered Terranova
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy & Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW Sold

A small set of 7 beads created on a base of CiM's creamy Ginger opaque glass. A generous sprinkling of Double Helix's, silver infused striking glass, Terranova was carefully added. The glass when struck in the flame, and as a final touch, silvered ivory dots were added to each bead.

BONUS: 1 Dotted Barrel Focal Bead is included in this set.

Trasimeno's Garden
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy & Vetrofond Glasses
This Set is NOW Sold

To Henry James, Umbria was "the most beautiful garden in all the world."

Umbria is the geographical center of Italy, and directly in the center of
Umbria is Lake Trasimeno.
This lake's blue colour inspired many of the Italian fresco of the region. If you have a day to dedicate to leisure, take an excursion boat to one of the islands; on the largest, Isola Polvese, shady olive groves are rimmed by great sandy beaches.

This set is created with CiM's Olive & Leaky Pen paired with Vetrofond's Light Ivory opaque and transparent Green Olive.

This is the inspiration for this set.

Titan's Jewels
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy & Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW Sold

In Greek mythology, the Titans were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. Gaia (the Earth) is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth. She and Oranos (the Sky) gave life to the Titans.
They are the inspiration for this set.

This set of 6 focal sized beads are created from a base of CiM's Stone Ground. A custom mixture of Double Helix frit (Triton, Gaia & Psyche) was sprinkled and reduced to bring the silver infused glass to the surface. The richness of the hues was captured under an encasement of clear and light aquamarine transparent glass. Each jewel was then finished with a surface decoration of Triton glass reduced to a gleaming shine.

Teal & Aurae
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW Sold

This gleaming set 19 of beads is a combination of Effetre's teal transparent
and Double Helix Aurae.
Shards and dots of Double Helix Aurae decorate these beads.
Perfect for New Year's Eve with the variety of shapes to allow for lots of glass art design options.

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