Sunday, November 22

Back Home and back at the Torch!

I am finally back home and enjoying some time at the torch. My first week was busy making Big Hole Beads for very successful one day local show.

I have a handful of them left, so they may appear on e-bay or artfire sometime in the next week or so!

This week's current E-bay offerings are the first four sets from the torch this week!

Pink Diva
This Set is NOW Sold
Opposites Attract - Series#4
Materials: Effetre Glasses

An example of opposites attract in this set of 18 simple dotted beads.
Nine beads in Effetre Pink with Effetre Intense Black dots and the other nine
with the opposing combination.

Simply Beautiful and Always a Classic for the Diva in all of us!

Green Tea in the Garden
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

This set of 13 beads starts with a base of the palest green opaque glass named Green Tea. It is the perfect canvas for my own custom blend of blue green frit
laced with Double Helix's Aurae. The result is spectacular with spots of glittering Aurae throughout this dainty Tea Party inspired bead set.

Luna Mosaics
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses

This dainty set of 9 beads was created with a base of my favorite glass, CiM's Stone Ground, an opaque silver yellow. These round beads were rolled in 99% pure silver foil and a generous sprinkling of the striking silver infused glass, Luna, by Double Helix.

The combination of glasses is perfect in this collection for both casual and
business art jewelry pieces.

Once in a Blue Moon
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: Double Helix Glass

This set of 14 beads is PURE INDULGENCE!!!

Double Helix's Ekho was gently wrapped and then reduced to bring all the infused silver in the glass to the surface. The result is SO MUCH SHINE that you can see my camera in the reflection of each and every bead.
These are simply, elegant and absolutely perfect for holiday jewelry pieces!

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