Monday, March 23

Weekend Inspiration and Experimentation~

I always love it when new glass comes into my shop. This past week is no exception! I decided to take the plunge and order a few sample rods from Artistry in Glass of two brands of high silver content glass. Double Helix and Precison 104 glass have beautiful silver content glasses and I had a ball experimenting with just 2 rods just to start.
If all of the sample rods are like these 2, it is going to be a fun month playing at the torch in April.

Below are the first set of results from Saturday's work. Sundays is waiting on my worktable for clearning, so I will share those later this week. Each set will appear on e-bay sometime through this week, with the exception of the Tree of Life set currently in reserve for a commissioned display.

The Midnight Blue Tree of Life set was my first attempt at the tree design and for a beginner, I am very pleased with the results. This set uses the Rocio Silver Mist glass on a canvas of CIM's Black Tuxedo opaque glass.
This set is CIM's Canyon de Chelly and Stone Ground bases with Double Helix's silver content glass called Psyche. It reduces to metallic shades of purples, greens and blues. The design is simple as to not take away from the beautiful glass highlights.

This Set is Now SOLD

This is another experiment with Rocio Silver Mist, the warmup before I attempted the Tree of Life design~

This Set is Now SOLDAlong with the silver glasses, I also was stocking up on my Dark Ivory for use with silver leaf. The combination of dark ivory and silver leaf creates beautifully rich handpulled stringers. This time I used olive transparent Moretti as the base for these beads.

This Set is Now SOLD

Of course, we close of this edition of Pendragonfyre Designs with a Spring 2009 Floral. This one is shades of violet(Ask's 104 Lilac Fields) and green (Moretti's Kiwi odd lot) with dark purple transparent. Robin Koza's Spring Violet frit from Frit Diversions is a perfect match to the Moretti glasses to accent the water colour beads. Spring is on it's way!

This Set is Now SOLD
Happy week!

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