Friday, March 20

Spring is sprung and FINALLY HERE!

Thank heavens for this day! It seems to be forever since Winter began. I love the first day of spring as it seems to put everyone in a better mood, but reminding us that the cold weather is coming to an end, even though it will be a few more weeks yet.
Someone said today that the 1st day of spring has more signs to be thankful for than just sunshine. It also reminds us:
  • that there should be no more snow days with children at home or scrambling to locate babysitters before we venture into the snowstorm.
  • the seed catalogues that have been gathering on the coffee table need our attention to get our orders in before the rush. Choosing the colours for the flower garden is always a true touch of spring fever.
  • Pets are happy to run in the yard, and even though the mud, rather than gather at the doorway shivering, in hope that their owners have not forgotten about them.
  • and chocolate seems to entered our daily diet as a food group (just kidding, but Walmart seems to be advertising Easter treats in equal sized ads to healthy treats)
  • for me, it means more time at the torch, without the wooly sweaters and extra logs in the woodstove. Thank you to my devoted hubby for getting up an hour earlier on weekends to light the fire in the shop so that I am warm when I start... Extra chocolate bunnies for him!
Enjoy these warmer days of spring along with me. These bead sets are based on some special earth tone beads that I am making for a private commission.
These sets are posted currently on e-bay.... until March 26th bid closing.

Til next time, share that chocolate, your tummy will thank you when the beaches open!

This Set is Now SOLD

This Set is Now SOLD


This Set is Now SOLD

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