Saturday, August 9

Vacation - Week 1 - Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

This past week as been gray and dismal outside, but I have kept myself busy in my glass shop. The new bead sets are posted here as a first glimpse...

Purple and Red, a combo inspired from a Chinese Art Film. So Pretty!
Chinese Lanterns is now SOLD

Some great dotty beads using combinations of blues and white along with a couple of gravity beads composed of transparent teals and purples.
This glass is known as Forest Mist, a limited production rod by Bullesye Glass. I experimented with this glass over clear, as well as white bases, with a hint of Robin's Egg blue in the centre bead.
Forest Mist is now SOLD
Turquoise again, mixed with Ivory glass with a bit of chemistry between the metals in each colour creates the interesting reaction where the glass mixes together.
Ivory Turquoise is now SOLD

This set I have named Garden Party as the colours remind me of the Victorian garden parties in historically based movies.
Garden Party is now SOLD

Beautiful beads in shades of blue on blue, beautiful over a white blouse or summer dress.
Shades of Blue is now SOLD

Ivory spacer beads and rich caramel swirl beads.
Caramel Sundae is now SOLD

These beads remind me of old fashioned lollipops, in colours of lifesavers or Jolly Rancher candies. These are created by clear core beads with rich transparent glass melted into the surface of the bead.
Jolly Ranchers is now SOLD

Beautiful beads in shades of lilac and light teal. Plunged dotted beads show the clear glass bubble in the focal beads.
More to come!!

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