Monday, August 11

More Beads....

I love the effect of emerald green transparent glass over white. When it is combined with purple, the colours really pop!

Another set inspired by a rainy afternoon watching new movie versions of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. I named this set, The Tea Party.

Tea Party is now SOLD

Could it be named anything else but Pretty in Pink? A Beautiful Bullseye Pink glass paired with white. The chips between the beads are genuine Rose Quartz as they capture the pink colour of the beads so well.
Pretty in Pink is now SOLD

The focal beads in this set are made with Spring Violet frit from Glass Diversions.
Spacer beads are Bullseye White Glass and Purplicious, a special 2007 production rod no longer available. It is a beautiful purple opaque glass that really coordinates well with the frit beads.
Purple Voilets is now SOLD
Another special production rod from Bullseye is used in these beads. Raspberry cream is a composed of a core of white with striking Cranberry as the outer layer. As a result, beads will have a layering of the two colours making each bead unique. Four of these beads used white as a base, with the remaining using clear as the base of the bead, adding the Raspberry cream as the surface glass.
Raspberry Cream is now SOLD
Sky blue glass and white combinations, very dainty and delicate colouring. Very Pretty for wedding beads.
Shades of Sky is now SOLD

A set of fun beads composed of dots and lines. Red, white, dark blue and yellow combos are nice for summer nautical jewelry!
Set below is SOLDSo that was Week 1 of vacation, one more week to go!


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