Saturday, September 15

Trip to TIFF 2007!

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past few weeks. I returned from my Toronto trip and I haven't stopped since.

In Toronto, I had the opportunity to attend Toronto Film Festival's 10 film premieres over a 4 day period. It was amazing to attend these film premieres and listen to the director's thoughts in Q&A sessions after the films.

Each film that I chose to attend was different, so it is difficult to name my favorite as they each had their interesting feature. I recommend you see the following historically set films:

1. Elizabeth - The Golden Age - Amazing costumes and it is my favorite period of history.
2. Silk - Beautifully crafted film.
3. Death Defying Acts - Guy Pierce as Harry Houdini, a film worth seeing.The photo below is Guy answering questions after the film premiere.

4. Atonement - A beautiful story about how one jealous mistruth severs a couple's true love forever.
5. Sleuth - An interesting 2 man (Jude Law & Michael Caine) film, exclusively set in a 3 room set. Different, but interesting.
Photo is Jude from the Red Carpet Premiere!

Here are a couple more photos I snapped during the festival.

Til next time, smiles,

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