Monday, June 6

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Arctic Milky Ltd Run

As many CiM testers have communicated, CiM's Arctic Ltd Runs for 2022 have not behaved as expected. In the rod it is a light blue milky opal.

My testing results for Arctic Misty Ltd Run resulted in a dark bottle green brown when I paired it with silver glass.

In anticipation of similar result in testing the Milky version, I intentionally used Double Helix Aurae fine glass frit to create this set of beads.

Double Helix Aurae fine frit was sprinkled and reduced on this set of round beads. The spacers are solid Arctic Milky. 

It is a belief of mine, that a kiln environment with silver glass present may be a clue to why this blue glass changes color so dramatically.

Either way, this set of beads are beautiful with various shades of metallic brilliance.


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