Thursday, September 26

New Sets... New CiM Colors!

Paris Mosaic Frit Rounds
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Glass Diversions Glass Frit

On a base of CiM's Mint Chip Ltd Run, a mixture of 2 Glass Diversions frit, Coffee Bean and Robin's Egg frit was generously sprinkled and melted into the surface.

Silver'd Peruvian Violet Frit Rounds
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Glass Diversions Glass Frit

On a base of CiM's new Antique Lace Ltd Run, 99% fine silver foil was added and layered with Glass Diversion's Peruvian Violet frit and melted into the surface. The reaction to the silver created a golden brown silvered veining pattern with highlighted violet spots. So rich and vibrant for Fall!

Teal Silver Glass Bubbles
Materials: CiM - Creation is MessyDouble Helix and Effetre Glasses

This set of 7 encased round beads was created on a base of CiM's Tuscan Teal Ltd Run on which encased plunged bubbles of Double Helix silver glass, Terra 2 were added. Each of these bubbles was reduced and encased to create the subtle variations in color. Each result was then captured under a thick encasement of Effetre clear glass.

Emerald Glacier Frit Lentils
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Val Cox Glass Frit

On a base of CiM's Aloe Juice green transparent, Val Cox Painter's Series frit, Emerald Glacier, was generously sprinkled and melted into the surface. This frit has dots of Adventurine Green, which provides a sparkle of glitter!

Etched Tapestry Organix Mixed Set
Materials: Vetrofond and Effetre Glasses, 99% Silver and Assorted Glass Frit

Various bases of Effetre glasses were combined with fine silver foil and wire and sprinkled with a custom blend of rare Purple Rose, Raku and Tobacco glass frit to create this organic set of beads. Glasses include Effetre Sedona, Opal Yellow, Light Turquoise, Copper Green, New Violet, Coral, Light Sky Blue and Vetrofond Mauvelous. These beads were etched to a matte organic feel with the silver microdots sprinkled among the tapestry patterning.

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