Sunday, March 18

Silver Glass sings with CiM's Unique Ghee!

Beads within this post are NOW SOLD

Golden Caramel

Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy and Double Helix Glasses 

This glittering set of 11 beads were created with a combination of CiM's Ghee Unique #1 and streams of Double Helix silver glass, Aurae. The light translucent butter base glass has taken on a a variety of caramel hues and metallic shine from the fuming of the silver glass. The silver glass was reduced to bring out the metallic hues of gold, rose, blue and copper.

Tapestry Organix
Materials: Effetre, Vetrofond Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

Various bases of Effetre and Vetrofond glasses were combined with fine silver foil and wire and sprinkled with Purple Rose, Raku and Tobacco glass frit to create this organic set of beads.
Glasses include Effetre Turquoise Copper Green, Sedona, Violet, Copper Green, Yellow Ocher and Vetrofond Dark Turquoise.
There is lots of variety in this set in bead types to create amazing jewelry pieces!

Silver Trails Series # 70
Materials: Effetre Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This beadful set of 22 Silvertrail beads combine rainbow tones wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.
Beads include Effetre transparents of medium blue, light grass green, medium amethyst, red, orange and yellow.

Organix Dots
Materials: Effetre Glasses 

Effetre Turquoise Copper Green, more rare than regular Copper Green, is paired with Light Ivory to create the 14 dotted beads in this set.
Matched with 15 Turquoise Copper Green spacers, this set is perfect for spring and summer jewelry pieces.

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