Sunday, February 26

End of February.. Is winter over yet?

We luckily missed another winter blast this weekend. I am hoping that March will be calm and bring spring to us a bit earlier this year!
We can always hope!

All sets in this post have been SOLD

Goddess Bead Series #117

"Roman myth name of a goddess of youth, meaning youth"

Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass, Effetre, Trautman Art and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 11 goddess series beads was created on a base of CiM's Elphaba Unique#2 opaque glass. Each goddess bead was then layered with dots of Effetre Dark Ivory and a mixture of TAG Absinthe and DH Olympia Rain silver infused glasses.
The combination of the glasses create the multi-hued portals captured under each clear glass dot. Double Helix test glass, 381R, complete the metallic highlight droplets on each bead.

Silver Glass Selection
Materials: Effetre, Double Helix Glasses and Fine Silver

This set of 15 beads are a variety in bead styles created with silver infused glasses.Some beads have fine silver wire, some webbed patterns and bubbles within the multi-hues created by reducing and striking the glasses.
Each bead captures its patterns under encasements of Effetre Extra Clear glass!

Purple Sprinkled Rounds
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Glass Diversions Frit

This set of 14 sprinkled look beads combine CiM's white opaque, Peace, with Robin Koza's Pansy Petals frit.
Perfect for Spring 2012!

Silver Glass Nuggets
Materials: CiM - Creation is Messy Glass and Trautman Art Glasses

This set of 11 flat nugget beads were created on a base of CiM's Stoneground, an opaque silver yellow on which rare Trautman Art Glass named JD Mix was striped and dotted. There is 1 focal and 10 smaller beads.

Pretty in Pink Lentils
Materials: Effetre Glass and Glass Diversions Frit

If you love pink, you will love these lentils!!
On a base of Effetre Rose Quartz transparent, Glass Diversions Pink Ribbon frit, a fine mix of pink opaques was sprinkled and melted into the surface. The result is a lacelike pattern on each lentil bead.
So pretty and dainty for spring!

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