Monday, August 8

Vacation is over and back to the torch!

A week of vacation time has flown by and I realized that we are into the last real month of summer here on the east coast of Canada. We have had a very rainy summer and today I am looking out to almost 50mm of rain that fell today.

The garden is soggy and seems to not have a chance to dry out enough between rains. So fingers crossed that August brings more sun for the tomatoes and green beans!

All sets in this post are now SOLD.

Golden Palace
Materials: CiM- Creation is Messy and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 11 shard and dotted beads were created on an opal glass base just released by CiM named Jade Palace. Handmade shards and dots of Aurae were added and reduced to bring the shine to the surface. Four spacer beads are included in this set.

Celestial Garden
Materials: Effetre & Glass Diversions Frit

Effetre White was rolled in 99% fine silver foil and sprinkled with Celestial frit from Robin Koza. The richness of color in these beads for both casual and business fashions!

August Goddess Orphans
Materials: Effetre, CiM- Creation is Messy, Double Helix, TAG & Precision Glasses

This abundant 25 bead set is an eclectic assortment of various Goddess Beads beads. The uniqueness of each goddess bead allows the designer to create a truly one of a kind piece of precious glass jewelry.

Each bead uses an base of Effetre or CiM- Creation is Messy with portals of silver infused glass encased in clear to capture the richness of each silver droplet.

Summer Harvest
Materials: Effetre Glasses

This autumnal themed set is an eclectic assortment of decorated beads using combinations of Effetre glasses. Hues include Effetre Zucca, ButterYellow, Dark Cocoa and Light Ivory. Six Cocoa spacers are included in this set.

The Jester
Materials: CiM- Creation is Messy and Double Helix glasses

CiM's cream, Butter Pecan was decorated with colorful patterns of CiM's new Mulberry Limited Run and a unique teal green named the Great Bluedini #2. Double Helix Aurae provides the dots of shiny bling!
The richness of the transparent and opal tones are perfect for fall 2011 jewelry designs.

Silver'd Lime Mosaics
Materials: Effetre, Fine Silver Foil and Pendragonfyre frit

Effetre Pale Emerald Yellow transparent was rolled in 99% fine silver foil and sprinkled with custom mixed Pendragonfyre frit. The frit has webbed among the micro drops of silver to create a rich set of 11 round beads. A timeless classic for both casual and business fashions!

Summer Fire
Silver Trails Series # 57

Materials: CiM- Creation is Messy, Effetre Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This beadful set of 21 Silvertrail beads combine the vibrant hues of the fall season wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire. CiM's new Hollandaise Limited Run, Lipstick Unique#2, Ghee Unique#1, Effetre Light Amber, Chestnut and Cocoa browns bring rich autumnal color into your jewelry designs.

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