Monday, October 25

A week full of surprises and experiments!

I received a package of glass rods this week from Kathy at CiM - Creation is Messy glass. It felt like it was my birthday, looking over the various glass rods. Kathy sent me several of your CiM Uniques. If you are not familiar with what these are, they are similar to what is known as Odd Lots.
Sometimes, batches come out too light or too dark, too opaque or just surprises! Glass chemistry is unique in that when combining earth minerals, you can be surprised at the results sometimes.
I think that I love to work with test batches, uniques and odd lots the most becuase of the unpredictability! It makes my torch time more challenging and rewarding.Over the next few postings, I will share some of the results of my playtime with CiM glass uniques. One of my main reasons for choosing CiM glass is that it is so compatiable with the other COE104 glasses. It allows me to take the traditional Effetre glasses and widen the colour spectrum with the addition of CiM's palette of colours!

Thank you Kathy... and here are my first sets! All on Ebay as of tonight... auctions close next Sunday night!

Silver Trails Series #35
This set is NOW SOLD

Materials: Effetre, CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

This beadful set of 23 Silvertrail beads combine the various hues of blues and neutrals wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire. Hues include CiM's Lapis, Charcoal, Glacier & African Gray & Effetre Sandstone.

Cocoa Plum
Confetti Dots # 2
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM and Effetre Glasses

This set of dotted round beads on a base of Effetre Cocoa with dots of CiM's Plum Unique #3
Great for casual or business jewelry pieces for fall and winter 2010-2011.

Smokey Silver Cubes

Materials: CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver
This Set is NOW SOLD

This 12 bead set was created by combining an unique batch #2 of CiM Sepia glass and fine silver wire.

Normally Sepia is a light brown, however this batch ended up being a very light blue.

When I experimented combining the silver with this glass, smoke trails appeared after the beads emerged from the kiln. The silver takes on a copper-like hue, making these beads truly a one of a kind set. 
These beads would be beautiful mixed with smokey quartz, copper beads and jewelry findings.

Bonus: 15 brown faceted 4mm glass crystal spacer beads are included in this set.

Goddess Bead Series #58
This Set is NOW SOLD

"Greek myth name of a muse of dance, meaning "enjoying the dance.""

Materials: CiM , Effetre and Double Helix Glasses

This set of 9 goddess series beads were created on a base of CiM Limited Run Hippo with layered dots of Effetre Dark Ivory.
Double Helix's silver infused Clio and Catalyst ES404 storm under each clear glass portal. Highlights of DH Aurae silver glass create the bling for this beautiful stormy beads!

This set also includes 6 spacer beads of CiM's new Razzleberry . Razzleberry is an amazing limited run glass that is pink with a golden glow! I absolutely LOVE THIS GLASS!! Now I need to convince a Canadian supplier to order lots of this batch in for me!!

Golden Aqua Streams

Materials: CiM and Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW SOLD

On a base of CiM's Fremen , a beautiful light blue, streams of rare silver infused glass, simply known as OK 381, flows around each flat tab bead.

The golden sheen is very cool as it can shift to an iridescent rose hue from various angles. The glittering shine from these beads is amazing!
The silver glass has fumed a golden hue to the blue glass to create a light aqua hue.
Get a headstart on your holiday jewelry designs with this set of 9 bling-filled beads! 

BONUS: 12 aqua 4mm faceted glass crystals are included in this set.

Silver Pink Selection
Materials: CiM , Double Helix & Effetre Glasses and 99% Fine Silver
This Set is NOW SOLD

This 15 bead set is a selection of various combinations of CiM uniques,
Razzleberry & Crocus Unique #2 with Double Helix's silver infused glasses,
KA-457, Ekho and Aurae. There is even a little encased silver wire in this set!

The result is golden pinks with striations of hues, glittery accents and mother of pearl portals encased under clear glass. With the variety of bead shapes, there is lots of possibilities for beautiful jewelry creations!

Six Effetre Rose Quartz spacers are included in this set.

Til next time, happy beading!



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