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Rose Quartz
This Set is NOW SOLD
Beach Organix Series #3
Materials: Effetre and 99% Fine Silver

Etched to resemble beach glass, this 11 bead set was created with a base of palest pink Effetre glass named Rose Quartz. The base was wrapped with combinations of silvered ivory stringer and 99% fine silver wire.

These beads show several levels of the colour based on the angle that the bead is viewed, providing depth to the glow like hue of each bead.
BONUS: 4 Rose Quartz spacer beads are also included in this set.

The Garden
This Set is NOW SOLD
Etched Silver Trails Series #13

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

A cheerful selection of Effetre & CiM glasses wrapped combinations of silvered ivory stringer and 99% Fine Silver Wire to create this 22 bead set.

Within this set of 11 pairs 3 pairs were gently etched (rose quartz, light aqua & light purple) along with the shiny hues of Effetre light amber, straw yellow, grape, kiwi, CiM peacock green, poison apple, plum and sangre red.

Angel Heart
This set is now SOLD

Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Starting with the palest pink Effetre glass named Rose Quartz, Double Helix silver infused glass frit , Aurae was sprinkled and reduced gently.
Encased with Rose Quartz, the shimmering blossom within creating hues of blues, creams, purples.

At centre spotlight of this set is a hand-formed heart focal bead along with coordinating pebble beads with hand-created facets.

Pendragonfyre Bead are always hand-formed. No presses or molds are ever used.
This ensures that your beads are truly unique in each set, created especially for you.

This set is now SOLD
Goddess Bead Series #36

"Latin form of Greek Phoibe, myth name of a Titan. The name is
the feminine form of Latin Phoebus, meaning shining one"

Materials: Effetre & Trautman Art Glasses

Shades of crystal and forest green swirl within these
storm portals of silver infused glass, Trautman Art Glass, Golden Emerald.

These 9 beads were created on a base of
Effetre Lemongrass with layered dots of Dark Ivory glasses.
This set also includes 6 spacer beads of the Lemongrass base glass.

Highlights of DH Aurae silver glass create the bling for this beautiful storm beads!

Beach Party
This set is now SOLD
Beach Beads Series #4

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses

Eleven pairs of Effetre & CiM glasses were used to create this shiny 22 beach bead set.

Within this set, a mix of dotted beads in shades of coral,
light turquoise, white, violet, CiM pumpkin and chrome yellow.

Perfect for summer jewelry!

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