Monday, June 7

June is finally here! Bring on the sunshine... Please!

Summer Soltice
Opposites Attract - Series #16
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: Effetre Glasses

Another study of opposites attract in this set of 16
simple dotted beads.
Eight beads in Effetre Coral opaque
with Effetre Light Turquoise
dots and the other eight
with the opposing combination.

These beads were etched to give them a natural stone look

and feel perfect for summer!

BONUS: 4 Coral and 4 Light Turquoise spacers are included in this set.

Silvered Ghee
This Set is NOW SOLD
Materials: CiM Glass & 99.9% Pure Silver

These simple yet elegant beads were created on a base of glass
by CiM named Ghee.
Ghee, is an Indian cooking term for clarified butter and these
beads are indeed as much of an indulgence! Absolutely delicious!

On each bead, 99% pure fine silver wire was wrapped and gently
melted into thread-like trails.

These beads are perfect for jewelry designs for the office
or elegant evening out!

Beach Towels
This Set is NOW SOLD
Beach Beads Series #2
Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses

Eleven pairs of Effetre & CiM glasses were used to create this
22 beach bead set.

Within this set, a mix of dotted beads in shades of coral,
turquoise, white, violet, green apple, butter and lemon yellow
have been gently etched to create a natural stone finish
for a casual organic feel.

Perfect for summer jewelry!

This Set is NOW SOLD
InnerGlow Series #1
Materials: CiM & Effetre Glasses

This 21 bead set of etched beads seem to glow from the inside out!

Starting with an inner core of CiM Kryptonite, these beads
were encased with Pale Aquamarine and dotted with
CiM Lapis blue.
Pale Aquamarine and Lapis blue spacers complete this set.

This Set is NOW SOLD
Goddess Bead Series #29

"Jealous Irish myth name of the first wife of Midir, a witch goddess
who turns the heroine into a pool of water, then a worm,
and finally a beautiful butterfly."

Materials: Double Helix, Effetre & Trautman Art Glasses

Palest shades of Lavender & Aquamarine transparent encase these
storm portals of silver infused glasses, Trautman Golden Emerald
& DH Triton. These 15 beads were created on a base of
Effetre Sage Opaque & Dark Ivory glasses.

Highlights of DH Aurae silver glass create the bling for this
beautiful storm beads!

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