Monday, April 19

New Ebay auction items

Purple & Dark Cocoa
Opposites Attract-Series #12
This Set is now SOLD

Materials: Effetre Glasses

Another study of opposites attract in this set of 16 simple
dotted beads etched for an matte organic look.

Eight beads in Effetre Purple opaque with Effetre Dark
Cocoa dots and the other eight with the opposing combination.

Bonus: 8 Spacer Beads:
6 Purple & 2 Dark Cocoa are included in this rich and earthy set.

Smoke Rings
This Set is now SOLD

Materials: Vetrofond Glass

This set of 19 beads were created with an unusual glass by
Vetrofond aptly
named Smoke Rings. It is a very light amber
glass with a centre
of cream opaque that when the bead is
formed, the rings appear as
the glass is wound on the mandrel.

With the variety of shapes in barrel and rounds, this set
create a classic jewelry piece with a set or two of earrings too!


Etched Silver Trails Series #3

This Set is now SOLD

Materials: Effetre & CiM Glasses and 99% Fine Silver

10 Colors of Effetre & CiM Opaque glasses wrapped in 99%
Fine Silver Wire
to create this 20 bead set of beautiful earthtones.
Within this set, 2 of each shade of creams, tans, browns
and grays, these beads
have been gently etched to create an
eggshell finish to create a
natural stone finish for a casual organic feel.

Halong Golden Blue
This Set is now SOLD

Materials: CiM & Double Helix Glasses

The golden glitter of this 15 bead set of round shard
beads is dazzling.

On a base of CiM's Halong Bay, shards of silver infused glass,
Double Helix's Aurae,
was carefully added and reduced to
bring the glittery bling to the surface.

Psyche Snaketrails
This Set is now SOLD
Materials: Effetre & Double Helix Glasses

Starting on a base of medium purple Effetre glass,
trails of Double Helix's silver infused glass named Psyche was
wound and pleated.

After reducing the glass to create the various silver glass reactions
in hues of blues and creams, each bead was generously encased
in crystal clear glass to capture the snake trails for you to enjoy.
Unique and stunning for your jewelry creations!

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