Sunday, December 20

Happy Holidays!

Sorry I haven't blogged over the past week. Just finished my last week of work at the "dayjob" and getting in gear for a lovely 10 day vacation! Got a session at the torch this weekend, new beads to be posted within the next couple of days. Ebay Christmas shopping is almost just a memory, as I begin to plan for 2010 bead sets.

As 2009 comes to a close,
Best Wishes for a Safe and Merry Christmas from the Pendragonfyre Bead - Board of Directors!

Chief Financial Officer - Fez
He is always keeping expenses in order, thus ensuring there is always funds available for purchasing cat treats!

In House Jewelry Diva - Guinevere
In her opinion, there can never be too many beads, necklaces or sparkly stuff!

Unfortunately, this holiday season we have lost a dear friend and member of our family.

Chief of Negotiations - Charlie

Charlie was a happy go lucky cat with a heart that was 10 times his size. He spent his time chasing his tail and breaking up the quarrels between his brother and sister!
Unfortunately, due to a long term illness, our Charlie passed away just 2 weeks ago.
Christmas Day would have been is 11th birthday, and he is sadly missed by all of us!

Til Next Time, safe travels and Happy Holidays,

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