Sunday, May 24

On the road back home....

Had a great 11 days in Toronto... yes, another trip this month.. Enjoyed some day job working hours as well as some off the clock amusement.
This past Thursday evening, spent my time and a nice donation to the Sunnybrook Hospital's fundraiser for their Mothers and Babies centre at their charity event called One Night Live.
Check out the link and donate if you are interested in this very worthy cause!

What could be better than lending time and funds to a good cause? Well, there are a couple more things that made it definitely better:
  1. Chris Noth, better known as Mr. Big from Sex and the City, and Mike Logan, of Law and Order, hosting the event and introducing the Canadian Tenors... a sort of El Divo ... EH!
  2. Sheryl Crow singing a few songs and brightening up the event with her Soak Up the Sun...
  3. and finally, and certainly the best of the evening.... Mr. Gordon Sumner.... and I mean... STING!
The concert was amazing and I am hoping to post a few photos after I completely download my camera, but here are a couple for right now!


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