Sunday, April 5

Fritted Beads - The Joy of Crushed Glass Designs

Frost and Oasis

This combination of base glass and grit was created with CiM's Frost Ltd Run with Glass Diversions Oasis Frit.
Frost, a pale transparent blue was a gentle base for the "serene and peaceful" hues of the frit. This set below is complemented by spacers of truly clear pale blue transparent by CiM named Ice Floe Ltd Run.

Aegean and Sand Dune

CiM's Aegean Ltd Run is a beautiful transparent teal that when paired with Glass Diversions Sand Dune frit created a lovely palette of "beachy" cube beads.

50s Kitchen and Utopia

A pale green opaque by CiM named 50s Kitchen Ltd Run rolled in 99% fine silver foil created a natural non-reactive base for a sprinkling of Glass Diversions Utopia glass frit. The silver droplets rise to the surface and frame the grit in a tapestry like look and feel.

Below is the same combination of glasses minus the silver foil.
A few 50s Kitchen spacers added for comparison to show the true hue of the base glass.
The silver seemed to bring out richer greens and darker hues of purple-browns.

Sunday, March 29

An interesting discovery and a new set of Goddess beads!

In testing some CiM - Creation is Messy glasses, I came across an interesting discovery when combining CiM Cobblestone with a favourite black, CiM's Hades.

On a base of Cobblestone Ltd Run, an opaque gray, dots of Hades were added and the reaction between these two glasses created an interesting metallic halo ring around each dot.The other beads were dotted with Effetre Red Purple and White opaque glass that created no reactions.
For those looking to experiment more, this is definitely something to explore!

In trying out CiM's Mahogany Ltd Run proved it to be another versatile glass, which I love.
This glass is a true red opaque glass whose hues tend on the reddish brown area of the color chart without being orange.

Combined with 99% silver foil and Pendragonfyre blended frit, these Tapestry series beads create golden droplet frames around dots of raku and purple rose. The silver foil creates droplets of silver among the portals of tapestry like colors.

As a base for my Goddess series of beads, this glass is also a favourite of mine.

On a base of CiM Mahogany Ltd Run, storm portals of Double Helix silver infused glasses were captured under clear glass dots.  Dots of silver glass were added to highlight each bead.