Thursday, May 18

Stormy and Bumpy Weather in Beadland!

I had a few hours last week to play with some of the darker new glass colors by CiM - Creation is Messy. 
In some of the colors, I found that they are so dense in color saturation, that using them as bead bases tend to make the bead sets too dark and hard to photograph.

So it was time to experiment to see what would happen if these dark colors were mixed with the neutral silver infused glass. Below are some of the results:

In this first set, I mixed CiM's Barrier Reef Ltd Run with Double Helix Olympia Rain silver glass.
Barrier Reef is a very dark transparent teal which resulted in stormed portals of dark greens and blues mixed with ivory and yellow storm streaks.
It was a challenge to capture the storms with the camera, so I have posted two photos to show in the variety of lighting.
The base of the beads is CiM Musk Ltd Run, a brownish green transparent with the storms captured under clear encasements and highlighted with dots of Double Helix Aurae and rare OK380 silver glass.

In this next set, I mixed CiM's African Violet Ltd Run with Double Helix Olympia Rain silver glass. African Violet is a dense and saturated transparent indigo that is so dark unless it is diluted. Mixing it in the storm technique, some amazing reactions appeared bringing out blues, purples, and golds in the portals magnified under the clear glass bumps.

The base of these beads is CiM's Ceylon Ltd Run, a transparent brown glass with Effetre Light Ivory base dots under the stormed portals finished off with highlighted with dots of rare OK380 silver glass.

The final set for this post is another experiment with CiM's Barrier Reef Ltd Run with Double Helix Olympia Rain silver glass.  This stormed stringer created additional bubbling in the storming process and I did not use a light ivory base for each drop.
The greens really came out in the portals with lots of bubbling. 

The base of these beads is CiM's now sold out Blue-yah Ltd Run, a transparent blue with silver glass highlights to complete each bead.

Tuesday, May 16

Summer Bead Sets - Pastels and Silver

This post is to share some new interchangeable necklace beads for summer.
Pastels are always beautiful for summer.
If you are interested, check out my Facebook page.

The set below features a focal bead with lots of stormed and reduced silver glass encased under a clear glass. It glows with pinks, purples and blues.
The spacers are CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run, a pale opal purple.

CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run is just a wee bit fussy with 99% fine silver wire when it is melted in and the silver takes on a slight golden fume as seen in the photo below.

In the set below, CiM Bubblebath Ltd Run runs in a narrow trail in the focal bead between shoulders of CiM Cornsilk Ltd Run. Cornsilk is a soft opal yellow glass that really compliments the pale purple and silver wire surface decoration.

CiM Cornsilk Ltd Run is not reactive to silver so the beads with 99% fine silver wire really glow with it's soft yellow hues.

Last set for today is another pastel for those love blue-greens. This shade of CiM - Creation is Messy glass is appropriately named Spearmint Ltd Run

Beautiful sets for summer 2017!

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 20

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Peat Moss

The final glass of the CiM - Creation is Messy Spring 2017 palette is another green called CiM Peat Moss
It is a transparent earthy green with an olive tone and is a unique color within the COE 104 lampwork palette.

In this set below I paired it with Double Helix Triton silver infused glass shards that are carefully applied to the base glass to create a gleaming "armoured" look. The metallic coating when reduced brought out gleams of gold and copper that complimented the olive toned glass.

Now that I have completed this season's color testing, the only question that remains is:
What do I create next?

Til next time,


Wednesday, April 19

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Troll

I am down to only two more new glass colors to test for this spring. 

It was an awesome experience to play with the CiM - Creation is Messy colors and I hope you have enjoyed seeing the creations!

In this post the featured color is CiM Troll Ltd Run.

Described as an opaque gray green. Doesn't sound that exciting at first glance.

I wanted to really test it against silver, so I created some beads with a coating of 99% fine silver foil and a sprinkling of my handblended Pendragonfyre frit. 

Normally I would tumble etch these "dragonscale" style beads, but they are pretty with the gloss finish.

My frit has rare purple rose mixed with raku and a few extra ingredients that when layered on silver foil brings out the micro-dots of silver in veined patterns and the rich tones of purple, magenta and blue.

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Yangtze

In response to requests for streaky rods, CiM - Creation is Messy created a new limited run color named Yangtze with "a core of clear, encased in transparent yellowish green, encased in clear."

The description doesn't sound all that exciting, so I was not sure what to test with it. When this happens, it is always better to go simple - less is more. So I paired it with 99% fine silver wire.
There was just a slight reaction to the silver with small trails. There was some scumming and micro-bubbles, but I encouraged it from the glass as it gave an antiqued sea glass glow even though I left them with a shiny gloss finish.

The result is a simple yet elegant set of beads that would be awesome in a ivory bridal set of silver jewelry.

Tuesday, April 18

New CiM Color for Spring 2017 - Pachyderm

As I am working through the testing of CiM's - Creation is Messy Spring 2017 palette preview, one of the offerings is a grey brown that is infused with silver called Pachyderm Ltd Run. 
CiM only has a few glasses with silver infusion, so it is fun to test it out with my other go-to brand of silver glass - Double Helix.

On a base of Pachyderm, I layered Double Helix Terranova shards and scrolls of Terra 2.
I heated and cooled the glasses multiple times to see the browns bloom from each striking and the resulting chocolate tones are wonderful for an organic feel.

Again, this is a limited edition glass that will no doubt sell out very quickly.