Wednesday, October 19

Celebrating the Always Expanding Palette of Blue Glass!

Blues in Glass never go out of fashion. The number of blues available to glass bead makers is endless in combinations. This post celebrates some new glasses from CiM - Creation is Messy. I never get tired of testing new shades. Enjoy this mid week post celebrating blue!

Starting on a base of Effetre White, an encasement of CiM - Creation Messy Splash Ltd Run was melted in. Splash is a beautiful transparent blue that is medium in tone that is not too dark.

A sprinkling of hand blended Pendragonfyre frit was added and melted into the surface to create a floral vines. This frit includes the rare purple rose glass that blooms into purples and pinks.

Continuing on our blue theme for this post, I experimented with CiM's Splash again with another frit mix from Glass Diversions, Glimmer Canyon.  

This is a blend of opaques and transparent blues with sparkling aventurine. A quick twist with a clear thin stringer was all it needed to swirl the colors.

The final set for this post combines two new CiM - Creation is Messy Ltd Run glasses.
One half of each hand-formed flat tab bead consists of CiM's Aloha Ltd Run blue opaque. 

A stripe of light silvered ivory separates the opaque blue with the transparent glass, CiM's Slate Ltd Run. Slate is a pale grey blue that reminds me of a stormy sea. The twists in the silvered ivory create the waves to complete the effect. The set is complete with spacers of each solid glass.

Sunday, October 16

A Study in Harvest Hues - Soft Yellows and Peach

This post comes as the autumn wind swirls around us changing our lawns from greens of summer to yellows, oranges and reds of the season.
Today, I have 3 sets of beads to share and news of new yellow glasses from CiM - Creation is Messy.

CiM Painted Hills Ltd Run - an opaque soft yellow that gives a bloom of other shades depending on how you cool and heat the glass while working it.
It is similar to opal yellow so I decided to see how it would mix with fine silver wire.
As you can see from the photo below, it turned the silver wire to a warm golden glow with unique striated effects in each bead.

The other new yellow glass from CiM that I played with last week was Yellow Brick Road Ltd Run. It is another opaque yellow deeper in tone and casts caramel tones as it is heated.
I sprinkled some Glass Diversions Persian Paisley frit and created the twists in the melted in frit.

The last set for this post is a older limited run CiM - Creation is Messy glass named Nectar.
It is a peachy transparent which is unique to the color palette and I sprinkled in a Glass Diversions frit named Firecracker. This blend is a mix of cherry cold red, indigo, pinks with iris orange raku.