Tuesday, December 8

Dots, Dots and New Colors!

Patterns - dots and dots layering with CiM - Creation is Messy colors.

Below the first 3 beads on the left are a combination of CiM's Butternut Ltd Run, Fremen, rare Hollandaise Ltd Run, Grape Ape and Hades black.

The 5 beads on the right are simple with a combination of CiM's Alley Cat Ltd Run and Grape Ape are both at times streaky but paired together create an exotic mix of rich hues.

Highlights of Double Helix's Aurae silver infused glass create bling and really play to Alley Cat's beauty!

 The final set for today is another CiM Limited Run glass named Nectar. It is intended to be a peach which I found to have a golden tone when worked. 99% fine silver wire wraps may cause a slight reaction, but nothing that is terribly noticable.

It melts smoothly and is a great base for Glass Diversions Himalayan Rose frit in the centre focal bead.

Monday, December 7

A Study In Blues

I love the richness of CiM - Creation is Messy blue glasses. There is a great range of transparents and opaques ready to combine without searching for a common hue.

Below is an example. The barrel bead at centre is a combination of rare Halong Bay (an original batch) at centre with new Royal Ltd Run rings capped off by French Blue
A simple wrap of 99% fine silver wire and the bead is complete!

Complementing the focal bead are solid beads of the 3 glasses. 

Note how French Blue has a clear reaction to the silver wire while the Royal Ltd Run shows the silver clean and sparkling with no reaction marks.

French Blue and Royal Ltd Run join with CiM Peace, a white opaque, to create the patterned focal below.

Royal Ltd Run is a great base for fritted beads as shown in the beads below.

If you long for truly blue beads... look to CiM Glass blues to fulfill your longing!

Pendragonfyre Designs